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Dennis Chapman was born in the East Yorkshire coastal town of Bridlington. He was educated in Leeds, but returned to the family home in Hull to fulfill his ambition as a deep sea trawlerman. He married a skipper's daughter, but was forced to leave the trawler industry due to tuberculosis.

Dennis is a self-taught artist, who is committed to representing life at sea from a seafaring perspective. His paintings display the painstaking attention to detail of the vessels and convey a perception of the atmosphere experienced by those at sea. Siting Monteque Dawson and Thomas Jacques Somerscales as influences, his work is in collections throughout the world including Britain, USA, Europe, Australia and Thailand.

Dennis Chapman undertakes Commissions; The Bibby Line, North Sea Ferries, and Leafe and Hawkes shipping agents being some of the maritme commissions he has fulfilled.